Rooms & Prices

We currently have  eleven deluxe suites for our Purr Hotel guests.  They never share with cats from different households, and can’t see any of the guests in the other suites either. We provide all food, treats, litter, toys, etc for their stay but we encourage clients to bring their cat’s favourite toys and bedding with them to help them settle in.

Please note there is a minimum boarding fee July – September for 4 days or less.

Minimum fee for a deluxe suite is: One cat – £68, two cats – £96, three cats – £116.00.

Minimum fee for an interconnecting suite is: Up to three cats – £136, four cats – £168

Deluxe Suite

 One cat – £17

   Two cats sharing – £24

   Three cats sharing – £29

Interconnecting Suite

 Up to two cats sharing – £34

 Three cats sharing – £38

   Four cats sharing – £42