Chauffeur Service

Pick up and drop off available!

We understand that travel for cats can be stressful, so with this in mind we play classical music specifically designed to help soothe anxieties.


Our car is also infused with a herbal remedy for pets to help the journey be as relaxing and comfortable as possible.


This service is available depending on your location, and our availability. To see what areas we cover during peak and off-peak times throughout the year, you can check the postcodes below or get in touch.

Areas covered year-round for our chauffeur service:


KA7, KA8, KA9, KA10 and parts of KA6.

Areas covered off-peak for our chauffeur service:


KA1, KA2, KA3, KA4, KA5, KA11, KA12, KA13, KA18, Parts of KA19.

Peak times are the months of April, July, Aug & Sep, and over Christmas & New Year.

Map displaying areas covered for our chauffeur service coming soon!