Our Story

The Purr Hotel is a family run business located near Patna, Ayr. Three dedicated cat rooms have been set up in our own home, with guests having exclusive use of their room. We have plans to build an additional eleven suites amongst the four acres of land around our home.


Our journey started in 2015, when I – Rebekka, owner of The Purr Hotel – started a pet sitting business. Whilst I built up my customers, I also started work in a local kennel and cattery. It was here I discovered my true calling: I would love nothing more than to run my own cattery one day.


Myself, alongside my parents – Alan and Alyson – decided to move to Ayrshire in 2016 to make this dream a reality.  Knowing that many cats find boarding catteries a stressful experience, I researched feline behaviour. After that, The Purr Hotel was born. With careful thought put into every aspect of our boarding services, we created a relaxing holiday destination for cats.


Misty, the original Purr!