Below you will find some of our most ‘frequently asked questions’ click on a question to see the answer.

Do cats share the room with other cats?

Only cats with the same owner share a room. Cats with different owners will never interact, as this breaches licensing rules. Cats are also territorial by nature and are generally ‘solitary’ beings.

Do you let cats outside?

Currently, our home boarding rooms have no secure outdoor areas for guests. However, we have plans to install secure outdoor areas for our new cattery suites (coming in 2022!)

Do you give updates on my cats stay?

Yes! We send you email or whatsapp updates every few days, as well as post photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I bring my own food for my cat?

Of course! If you would prefer your cat to stay on their usual food, please bring this along with them. We also accept cats on a raw diet, just let us know in advance so we can make space in our dedicated freezer.

Do boarding cats in different rooms get to mix with each other?

No. Cats are territorial by nature and don’t like cats they don’t know. It also breaches licensing conditions – cats from different owners are never allowed to interact.

My cat is an indoor cat, do they need to be vaccinated?

Yes. All cats staying in a boarding environment must have up-to-date vaccinations, or provide titer test results.

Do you accept short or long term stays?

We can do short stays of three days or less, however we have a minimum boarding charge equal to three days worth of boarding. For between July – September, there is a minimum boarding charge equal to five days boarding.

Long stays are also available. We have previously had guests stay as long as six months, but there is no limit on how long you can book in for. There is no discount for long term stays.

What time can I drop off and collect my cats?

You can arrive to collect/drop off your cat between 9am – 10.30am, or between 2pm – 4.30pm.

Do you offer pick up and drop off?

Yes, depending on location and availability. You can find more about our chauffeur service here (charges apply).

How do I make or cancel a booking?

If you would like to book your cat in for a holiday, you can get in touch via email or phone. A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid to confirm the booking. The remaining balance is then due no later than check-in day.


Cancellations within two weeks of boarding start date will be charged the remaining balance for that booking. Refunds for cancellations may be offered at The Purr Hotel’s discretion.